Gypsy Drifters Logo Design

Gypsy Drifters is a band located in Elgin, TX. They play a mix of home grown originals, classic country, Americana and blues. Brian McKinney, local singer/songwriter and bassist Gary Luedecke formed the band in March of 2017.

In creating their logo, I listened to a live session and asked questions about their music and genre. They wanted a vintage look for the logo that represented their style and background.

I experimented with different fonts and ornamental elements based on feedback and rough ideas from the client.

Gypsy Drifters Logo Styling

  • Gypsy: Rosarian Bold, 140pt
  • Drifters: Farmhand Regular, 120pt (WARP ARC LOWER effect)
  • Elgin, Texas: Minion Variable Concept - Display Bold 35pt (VA=150)
  • Gold Color:
    • CMYK (18% 28% 95% 0%)
    • RGB (212 175 55)
    • Hex (#D4AF37)